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The Composting Place Blog
  1. Water is so precious to humans and the earth.  Our bodies are made up of 65-90% water, our planet is covered by about 73% water.  We can go a long time without food, but without water?  Not so much.

    In gardening, water is vital for growing our flowers, fruits, and veggies, and is especially vital when it comes to composting.  Rainwater provides essential nutrients--such as: phosphorus, sulfur, iron, manganese, and nitrogen--that help plants grow, while assisting in the decomposition process.

  2. Typically, when people think about using animal manure in their gardens, they usually mean horse or cow, while others may be referring to pig or rabbit manure.  But did you know that a long time ago it was CHICKEN manure that was the manure of choice?

    Chicken manure (or dung, as it is also called) is actually BETTER for your garden than that of any other farm animal.  It has the richest amount of nutrients--especially nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potash--thanks to a healthy diet of worms, insects, shoots of new grass, and other protein-packed treats, such as young greens and seeds.

  3. In today's economy and the rapid increase in food prices, many people are turning to their back yards to grow their own produce.  At the same time, more people are looking at organic and sustainable methods of gardening that will also help the environment.  One method, in particular, is composting.


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